Minutes to Midnight.


Before the anniversary of by born day end, I want to thank to Allah for 21 years of living. Just like the past years, I don’t really celebrate my birthday with people. Yeah, I don’t. It’s just not necessary for me to celebrate my birthday with fancy party or events or what-so. Actually, I find it awkward when people wish me “Hey, happy birthday Babe God bless you’re turning 21 you’re old now you’re matured enough you’re bla bla bla..” Ha-ha. What a situation there.

I am blessed with good people around me, with a super family beside me, with great friends and all. There’s just sometimes I seem forgot to say thank you and lost in getting drowned in selfishness. I sighed and questioned  Allah’s plan. I forgot to bow and say thank you to Him. I complained whenever the hardship and problems came. I got angry and mad with people around and claimed they never understand me. Well, people don’t understand unless they fit in our shoes, but I shouldn’t expect them to understand me either.

21 years I’m going under progress of learning, phase of maturity, balancing the emotional. Lot of things happen thou. Those times were rebellious and so much trouble I got into. When I look back the time, thinking how much differ I am now compared to before, I am really glad I turn to someone better. Yeah, I’ve seen things and I’ve done things. No one can escape from doing mistake and I’ve changed before it’s too late.

Honestly, I don’t feel excited about my born day. As the date passes every year, I feel like my death is getting closer. Well then, I will keep trying my best to live my life gracefully.

No cakes and no present. Yet I’m grateful I’m still breathing. I will live to the max, and cherish the time as best as I should be. Let’s live a real life, shall we? J

That’s all, for my 21st born day. 

Cotton Korea | Lets Get Feeling Sooo Korea !

So today I jump into marketing business sort of (whatev) , I don't know where to start anyway. Just, keep reading about this post, okay? Okay? Okay.


Nak pendekkan cerita, ada la sorang hakak ni datang studio nak shoot kain kapas ni hah (cotton). Kite ni bukanlah pandai sangat berfesyen, jadi tak ambil port la pasal baju kurung fesyen zaman sekarang ni. Tapi kite tengok kain kain yang dia bawa ni memang cantik design tu, dan tak pernah tengok lagi design tu semua. Pendekkan cerita lagi, sambil shooting tu bergosip lah sat dengan hakak tu. Dia import kain tu semua dari Korea kauu haa! Original lagi weh. Pahtu design? Ya Allah, design memang dae-bak !! Kain semua cantik-ii, limited edition sebab takkan dapat kain corak yang sama kat mana-mana. Nak habaq lagi, hakak ni cakap kalau beli sekarang dapat diskaun !!

Masa dok ceghita tu, sambil mulut pot-pet, tangan sambil pegang kain tu. Ya ampunn selesa sangat boleh buat selimut (hiperbola). Kite ada la testing ketahanan kain sbb nk tengok kain tu mudah koyak atau tak. Jadi kite stretch (tegangkan) lah kain tu, memang osem sebab kualiti sangat bagus. Memang puas hati lah kan.

Nak cerita pasal kain ni mmg tak habis. Tapi jangan salah faham ye, kain cotton Korea ni bukan ready-made terus dah jadi baju . Tapi kain lepas bidang 60 (means agak lebar) dan limited to 3.5 metre. Hakak-ii sekalian, kalau nak tanya pasal harga terus terang cakap range RM150-RM200 sebab ini bukan main main punya import. Ini betul-betul !!

TAPI ...!
Like I've mentioned just now, disebabkan rasa kasih dan sayang kepada pembeli yang teringin sangat nak berfesyen ala Korea, kite bagi diskaun kat hakak-ii semua ye.

This is not limited to girls only ! Abang-ii pun boleh belikan untuk isteri tercinta, ibu tersayang. Bagilah hadiah yang osem sikit macam ni, belikan kain cantik-ii untuk isteri baru nampak cantik nampak cun awet muda gitew. Bagi surprise untuk isteri sempena anniversary lagi bertambah sayang depa kat laki depa hah.

Kite tak pilih customer kak. Kite tak bagi diskaun untuk VIP VVIP VVVVVVVVVVIP sahaje. Kite bagi diskaun pada semua orang. 

TETAPI ..!!!
Nak habaq last sekali ni. Kain cuma ada 21 jenis design DAN ianya bermaksud 21 kain sahaja yang tinggal. Maksudnya ? SIAPA CEPAT DIA DAPAT.

End of explaination. And here are the pictures of product with codes.

Thats all. Kalau ada salah silap mohon ampun ye. Sis nak tambah pendapatan je nak sara hidup.

Further information please contact me ;- 011-21763341 (Ary)


We Gone Soul-free !

So, last week I met my ex-schoolmates (SABGS MUAR). Planning a week before dan sangat excited sampaikan masing masing sent location pasal janji nak pick up sorang sorang (since that I'm the only one yang ada kereta). Masa nak pick up sorang awek mata sepet ni (Ain) , aku google map waze segala yang aku tahu untuk cari rumah dia dannn.....

Aku ended up kat sini ._.

And then things went smoothly, I mean aku dapat cari jalan keluar dari ceruk tu dan hampir sejam nak mencari rumah Ain and at last , jumpa juga ! After that pick up Ainul (si kecik) and Shahida. We didn't want to waste time any further so we straight went to Sushi King for lunch .


TBH I don't really know what else to share. I mean like we really had a fun time together, going out and stuff. Too bad, masa tak cukup nak borak panjang we just shortened our conversations and left after that. Ainul had to leave first bcoz of duty. Within two hours, not much time indeed but I think it was quite fun. No one was busy with their phone I shocked actually HAHA . Thank you so much to you all, for being a part of my rainbow colors :)

AND , here is the fun part. Lepas makan, we walked a little while and found a red wall. Ya knaw right if you found a place with plain background and you started to take out your phone and looking for perfect angles with perfect grid rules of perspective something like that (idk whut im talkin bout but just pretend that ya knaw , okay ? okay?) so ya knaw ? ya knaw ?

OMG this is so much pictures than I thought , HAHA . Well then, see you again ;)